BB's Birthday Parties

BB had two parties this year. One for his toddler friends, and one with family. I decided to keep them separate as my house is only small, and my Nan is 98, in a wheelchair, and has very limited vision so we didn't think she would enjoy the toddler party very much.

The toddler day was Saturday. Luckily the weather wasn't as sunny as it has been, but was still dry, which meant our garden, which has no shade, was perfectly accessible for the whole day. Five friends came (unfortunately two of his best friends couldn't make it). We had a great time.

Putting fuel (stones) in the car

Playing in the sand tray

I think our party space looked quite inviting in the end. I kept trying to frame shots to include everything - only to discover that all the kids had disappeared from view by the time I was ready though!

Winner of Pass the Parcel.
Not looking that pleased with his prize!

At this point I think they were testing to see
how many toddlers you can fit in a playhouse

Lots of fruit and veg ended up in that sage bush!

Sharing the trampoline

They took it in turns nicely in the car

BB knew exactly what he had to do with the candles
The toddler party ran really smoothly - it was a breeze actually. No mess, no fighting, the only slight problem was one little boy fell in the paddling pool fully clothed, but that was easily fixed with a pair of  shorts that BB has outgrown. They all played together really well and it was much easier than I thought it would be.

We kept to the Blissful Birthday traditions, Balloons, Bunting and Birthday Cake - we also added a few bubbles this time too. For those people asking where I got my bunting, here's a link as promised.

The next day though, when all the family came, was a bit of a nightmare. I think I had false expectations after the toddler day was so easy. Family stayed for nearly 4 hours after the party should have ended which made for a very tired little boy, who was still catching up two days later. There was also much more mess! In hindsight that will be because each toddler came with a mum who cleaned up after them. The toddlers also ate outside, from paper plates, and mostly brought their own cups. Family ate in the lounge and generated washing up and vacuuming. I was absolutely shattered by the time I had put BB into bed and finished cleaning up. It was all worth it though.

I am forever grateful to my sister who came and helped me both days, and with all the food prep in the evenings and mornings before the parties. I couldn't have done it without her. It is at times like this that you wish there was a partner to help out, especially in the aftermath when everyone has left and there is just mess - even just for moral support, or to make you a Gin!

BB the Ice Cream Seller!

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  1. Happy belated birthday, BB! Lucky boy getting 2 parties! Funny, you'd think the toddler party would be messier, lol!