Birds Eye Fish Burgers - Review

We were recently asked if we fancied trying the new Birds Eye Fish Burgers and reviewing them. I said yes. BB liked fish when he first started eating solid food, the he went off it. His Dad really hates fish, so we did wonder for a while it there was something inherited that made it taste bad, but recently, since I have gone Paleo and have been cooking lots of fish, BB has started to really like it, especially salmon.

He also has fish fingers sometimes when we are out. Fish fingers, chips and peas is usually the healthiest  option on the Children's menu (yes, a sad state of affairs I know, but also a fact), so when we got our Birds Eye Fish Burgers I decided I would cook them for him with chips and peas - just like when we are out.

I was surprised to find that they were square. Not that that makes much difference really. I am more interested in what is in them. 100% fish apparenlty - pollock to be exact, surrounded by breadcrumbs. We oven cooked it along with the chips, which means they are very easy to prepare.

Once it was cooked I cut it open to inspect the contents. Nice fish, but not all in one piece. I guess that it what you would expect. It is a burger, and you don't get square fish very often. It looked good. I had a little taste of the fish myself and it tasted nice.

BB was impressed. He doesn't get dinner like this very often at home.

He did however pick out all the fish and leave the breadcrumb crust behind,

BB's plate when he had finished
That's what he usually does with fish fingers too.

The verdict then. It is good quality fish and it tastes good. I probably wont buy them again as I don't eat wheat, and BB also clearly prefers the fish without the breadcrumb, so we will stick our usual 'naked' fillets. If you have a child that likes fish fingers, or who is difficult to get good food into, these would be a great option as the fish inside is good. I can also see that they would work well in a bread roll if you wanted to make your own fillet o fish burgers!

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