Thursday, September 27, 2012

Economy Sand Tray

OK, so, as I said, I am going to try and post about the things we do.

Here is our economy sand tray.

I wanted BB to have the opportunity to explore sand. He loved it when we were on a beach holiday earlier in the year (he was a particular fan of eating melon coated in it, but that's a different story!).

When we got home I started to think about getting a sand tray. I wanted a few things that he could safely play with outside while attended to jobs like feeding the chickens and gardening. A sand tray in this neighbourhood (and probably in yours too) requires a cover so that it doesn't become the local cat toilet. I looked at specially designed sand trays with a lid. They were in the region of £60 and way out of our price range.

I got some inspiration when I went to buy an under bed storage box. If you bought one, which I was about to do, you got the second half price. So, in total, the box and the sand cost less than £10.

A few more sand toys wouldn't go amiss though... a little bucket and spade will be a good next addition I think, though as you can see - he prefers the shells we collected from the beach to the plastic anyway!

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  1. OMG! What an ingenius idea!! I've wanted to get a sandbox but like you said, way pricey! & a cover is a must...this is a perfect idea!!! Thank you for sharing!!