Whole 30 Day 23

As promised - here are all the pics of my food.

Breakfast was two eggs with sweet potato hash. The eggs were bought ones as my chickens have dwindled down to one. Eatong them made me want to get more chickens though - they are just not as nice!

Lunch was awful. It is my Nan's 98th Birthday today and we went to lunch at the place of her choice - one of those pub restaurants that bulk buy pre packaged meals and reheat them. I dislike them for all sorts of reasons, but Nan can't see very well and they are nice and light, they are also good at catering for 2 years olds. The best thing I could see on the menu from a whole30 perspective was chicken and bacon salad. I removed the croutons and didn't use the dressing. The bacon was OK, the chicken was too tough to chew and so I didn't eat any of it. I'd say I ate half of the meal - maximum.

I wasn't perfect at dinner either - though it was much nicer. I decided to finish off all the salad that was left over from the weekend. The original plan was to have it with a tin of tuna, but when I put it all in a dish there was heaps, so i felt I didn't need the tuna at all. So it was protienless. I may pay for that with hunger later, and I know it wasn't whole 30 compliant, but...

I am struggling to get back into the flow - as you may have noticed, but hopefully tomorrow when O can eat three meals at home with no guests to consider it will all become easy again.

Also doing Whole 30 July 

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