How to make Spelt Bread in a Bread Machine

We have recently started making our own spelt bread in a bread machine. Like many people, my body really struggles with wheat. I have recently discovered that it can tolerate spelt. A great thing about it too is that it doesn't seem to make me overindulge like wheat does. Once slice is quite satisfying, where as with wheat I would devour half a loaf.  The best thing is that it still tastes just as good, and we love the smell of the bread baking in our house, and that first slice of warm bread with butter melting into it is a treat I have really been missing in my wheat free days.

Spelt bread made in Bread Machine
Spelt bread made in Bread Machine
Making good spelt bread in a bread machine did take a little research and practice, but now I have it mastered I thought I'd share how to do it for anyone else who is looking. Bread machines have generally been designed for wheat flour. Although it's similar, spelt has a higher protein content and a finer gluten structure. This means that is requires less kneading than wheat, and that it may rise and then fall in the time of a normal bread cycle, giving you a collapsed loaf. Spelt flour also attracts and holds more water than wheat flour, so you do need a little extra water too.

Spelt bread made in Bread Machine
Spelt bread made in Bread Machine

Although many bread machines have a gluten free cycle or a speciality breads cycle, I haven't found either of these to be successful. Many websites acknowledge this and suggest you just use the dough cycle and then rise in your kitchen and bake the bread in the oven, but that really wasn't a satisfying solution for me. I want to make the most of the convenience of a bread machine. Other websites suggest you use half spelt and half wheat, which is simply not an option for many of us.

The answer is to use the rapid cycle on the bread machine. This kneads and raises for less time than a normal loaf. I am using a Panasonic Bread Maker SD 2501, on the Rapid White Loaf setting. It takes less than two hours from throwing in the ingredients to taking out a perfect loaf. I have also baked the same recipe in a Breville with great success. I think most bread makers have a rapid cycle, so if you don't have one of the above machines please give it a try and let us know how you go in the comments.

Spelt bread made in Bread Machine
Spelt bread made in Bread Machine
Ingredients for Spelt Bread in a Bread Machine - Medium (400g) loaf

220 mls water
1 1/2 tablespoons Olive Oil
1 tablespoon sugar
400g spelt flour (I use a mix of wholemeal and white, generally 80-100g wholemeal and the rest white)
3 tablespoons milk powder
24g Anti Candida Yeast (you can use normal yeast but check the amount)
1 teaspoon salt

Add to the machine in order above. With the Panasonic Bread maker I am using program 2 (Rapid White Loaf), medium loaf size and medium crust bake.

Spelt bread made in Bread Machine
Spelt bread made in Bread Machine

Just remember the key is to use the rapid cycle. Happy baking. Please use the comments to share how your bread turns out and which machines and programs you are using so that others can benefit from your experience.

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