Moving from Google Reader to Bloglovin (and then to Feedly)

I have been hearing rumours for a few months now that Google Reader is going.  It is really true? I have been trying to find out.

There have been lots of different stories, some saying it was all rumours with no fact, but a lot more saying that it really is happening. Indeed, I have found that the Google Friend Connect is no longer available, and on more than one occasion my blog list of blogs I read has been empty (they did come back).

It would seem though that it is TRUE  as I found this on the Google Reader Blog. The general view is that it is to encourage everyone to move across to Google+. I am on G+, but not everyone that I am following is, so this is far from ideal for me.

In the end, but without a great deal of research into the other options I must admit, I decided to use Bloglovin'. At the moment I am using both, and it is easy to import your whole blog list from blogger. I am liking it much better as it turns out. There are lots more options though if you want to take a look around.

Good luck with your decision, meanwhile if you want to follow me on Bloglovin here I am!

Update - I now use Feedly

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  1. I have been in denial about this!! I headr the announcement about Google Reader about 3 months ago & every time I research alternatives, I get overwhelmed & crawl back into my denial hole, lol...I think maybe I'll sign up for a few options & then see which I like best...I am on G+ but haven't had any time to explore & figure out how to utilize it...I don't think I'd heard of Bloglovin'. I'll have to check that one out...

  2. Yes I know what you mean... I tried the same approach for a while. Though I did actually think that it would go away if I ignored it as I rally didn't believe it was true. So annoying! Bloglovin' is fine - I like it better in fact, but I didn't really look at the others - if you find something great please let us know!

  3. I am changing my mind on this already. I asked a few other bloggers and the suggested I try Feedly - just looking at it now at I like it better. You can change the way that your view, move things easily between categories, and make it so that when you click you go direct to the blog post... So, moving to Feedly!