Catching up

Catching up in two ways: firstly because it has been a while since I wrote a post, and secondly because my blogging absence is a result of having house guests for a few days, an old friend from when I was living in Western Australia and her husband and daughter, both of whom I got to meet for the first time.

Things that happened in the last week include putting BB's name down to do an extra morning at nursery from September. I like that idea from his perspective as he has done one morning this year and will do do 3 next year, so increasing it to 2 now will be a good step for him. I deliberated about it for a while due to the extra expense, but hopefully the extra time will mean I am able to make a little extra money. It will also give me a bit more time for me. I can swim for half hour for example.

BB an I have also had a fun time crafting. Look what we made DD for Father's Day

We got the idea from here. I helped out with the glue and printing the picture obviously, but BB chose the colours of the sticks, and also the pom poms,  and stuck them on. I like how he put the 4 pink ones together - they look good on the purple background too don't you think! DD was able to skype with us on the day and so BB got to watch him open it which was fun.

He also made a card at nursery which was appalling. I can't believe how little effort went into on their behalf. It was a piece of green card cut out roughly in the shape of a T shirt, that BB had made a pencil scribble on and then someone had written his name in dots. We sent it anyway, but...

My most exciting news is that my friend J came to visit from Western Australia. We were best friends for a while when we were both living in Kalgoorlie, and then caught up several times after we each moved away. It is about 6 years since I saw her last. In that time she has met a lovely guy, got married and has a daughter (G) just 3 weeks younger than BB. She is also pregnant with baby 2, due in August. I was really looking forward to their visit, but it turned out to be even better than I anticipated. G and BB got on so well, and played together brilliantly, more so than either of them have ever played with another child. Often BB plays alongside others, but these guys really interacted and did stuff together the whole time. It was so cute. Their antics included bouncing each other on the trampoline, getting out ALL the toys BB has, jumping on my bed, and stealing the chook food and making their own picnic from it in the cubby house! All was accompanied by excited squeals and giggles. He was sad when they left.

Thinking about it though, perhaps it is not surprising. J and I 'played' well together too, We had some excellent adventures, travelling out into the bush around Kal and making our own fun. I'd forgotten just how much fun we had until she was here. It was also great in that even though we have both moved on and changed a lot since we last last saw each other, it was still like it was yesterday.

The last few days have confirmed a few things for me though. J was talking about me moving back to WA. Yes. I would be happy to live there. It made me realise that I would actually be happy to live in any state or territory of Australia. I reality can't think of anywhere here that I want to live. Just talking with them about their lifestyle and also the things I could do made me long to be back there even more. It seems like a bit of a no brainier really, a better lifestyle and more opportunities for both BB and I.

J's partner was born in  the UK and moved to Oz as a baby. He came back for a few months at the age of 12 and hated it. He still isn't impressed and shares a lot of my views. There's good stuff here, its a nice place to visit, but Australia is by far a better place to live. I am going to start planning for it. If I don't get pregnant I want to be back by the time BB starts school, if I do, we might wait another year. I feel so much better for having made that decision and getting some direction back in my life again. It is also quite a balancing feeling to the desire for a second child. If I don't get pregnant, the bonus is I get out of this country earlier!

Another reflection though, was just how good it would be for BB to have a sibling. It was so much fun for him sharing his home with someone and having a full time playmate.

On that note I am 9dpo. Having guests has been good as I haven't been able to obsess about it too much. I didn't take any temperatures since O was confirmed either so that helps too. I did test as soon as we got home today though, negative of course, that's what I expect at 9dpo regardless, but still... I had to do it!

In 3 days I should know.

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  1. How good it must feel to have spent time with an old friend. I'm glad her visit helped give you the clarity to move back home to Oz...keeping fingers crossed for a BFP for you!

  2. It was fab. It was also so lovely to see BB have so much fun with the child of someone I cherish.

  3. Sounds like a lovely visit - the kids clearly love spending time together. And I love you've come to such a huge decision about moving. I can "hear" how right it is for you.