Saturday, May 11, 2013

Whole 30 Day 26

Breakfast: Eggs Tomatoes and Asparagus

Salmon steak, aspragus, tomato, beetroot and asparagus

Pork Sang Choy Bao
Most of the day went well. I feel almost normal again. There were a few 'sins' in my dinner though. DD is here and offered to cook - he is a good cook so I am always happy with that. He asked lots of questions about what I was allowed and what I wasn't but there still ended up being a couple of things I shouldn't have. (baby corn, a dash or soy sauce and some vegetable stock made from a cube). That didn't stop me eating it though, and it was very nice, but i have made a note of what was in it. If anything I think it is the stock cube that is the worst on the list - I think they could be issue for me. I have another 14 days to be clean again before the reintroductions so hopefully I wont affect anything.

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