Whole 30 Day 25

It has been a tough day. I am programmed that after you have had an upset stomach you need to eat a piece of dry toast, or a plain biscuit. That's all I wanted this morning.

I managed to resist though, and took my vital greens instead. Then about an hour later I ate a pear. By lunch time I was feeling hungry, and so I made some proper food. Homemade pork burgers with carrots and beans.

Lunch: Homemade pork and apple burgers with carrots and beans

It did make me feel better. Our new disk for Wii Fit had arrived too so BB and I had a little play with that. I was down 4kg on my starting weight on the Whole 30 (from 83 to 79), but I think at least a Kg of that will be just because I hadn't eaten for 24 hours. This means I am about the same weight that I always get to when I diet since BB; Weight Watchers and The Six Secrets of Successful Weight Loss also got me down to about 80Kg. We'll see if it goes any lower.

While we were playing with Wii Fit, the Special Delivery van arrived and delivered Zumba for Wii. He laughed as he had caught me exercising - you can see right in the lounge window from the street. I always forget to that people can't see BB, only me, so when we are doing our dancing the neighbours must think I'm a bit odd!

Once BB went down for his nap I got out the Zumba to check it out. I have been to Zumba classes before, and I loved it, even though I couldn't do it. I think that was most of the fun, laughing at myself. There is a section where you can actually learn the steps so I thought I would give that a go. Then after trying about 3 steps I thought I would just try a class and see what happened.

I drew the curtains!

It was a really good work out. I didn't get it all right, but I wiggled and jiggled a lot and worked up a sweat so that has to be good. I enjoyed it too. I also programmed an exercise schedule into it - I should Zumba on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Dinner was hard though. I am still not feeling 100% but I cooked proper food. Chicken Curry Casserole with mashed cauliflower. I cooked rice for BB and DD and sooo wanted some. But I managed not to.

Hopefully tomorrow I will feel 100% again.

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  1. Hope you are back to 100% soon! I want to try Zumba, just as something fun.

  2. Thanks, I hope so too. Zumba is definitely fun so worth a trial at least.