Thursday, May 2, 2013

Whole 30 Day 17

Well I managed to get through my evening yesterday without nibbling. It wasn't really that hard either. The worst thing about forgetting a meal yesterday was that the left overs I was planning on eating for breakfast hadn't been cooked yet, so at 6.45 this morning I was cooking turkey mince!

It was nice though, I ate it with some courgette pasta, and I have leftovers for tomorrow now instead. 

Here are today's meals.

Breakfast: Turkey mince cooked with tomatoes,
 onions, garlic and some herbs, served with courgette pasta

Lunch; Tuna salad

Sausages with mushroom and onion gravy,
served with cauliflower mash and roasted green beans
BB really likes cauliflower mash, though he does have his with a little butter and cheese. He actually asked for more today.

I did snack today. BB and I went into town and we were late back for lunch and snacked on died fruit on the way home. 

I am also trying to cut down on the coffee. I do only drink decaf, but I have found that since starting the whole 30 I was drinking more of it. So, from now on, a maximum of two decaf coffees first thing, and then herbal tea or water for the rest of the day. 

I need to get some more meal ideas too. I am enjoying what I eat, but I also realise that I have become a bit settled with a few dishes... I should look in the book for more ideas again. Soon!

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