Whole 30 Day 16

A very unusual event occurred today. I forgot to eat lunch!

BB went to nursery and I was working from home. I thought about lunch at about 12, but decided to keep going while I was 'in the zone'. I thought I'd eat once he came home at 1.00, he usually snacks then. But today we played outside. I thought I would eat when he napped, but then I forgot. Until about 3.50pm! Seeing as we eat dinner at 5pm it seemed silly to start preparing lunch at this time.

I'm not really sure what I am supposed to do about it. I do actually feel hungry now, but it seems too late to have my third meal of the day so I am going to have a cup of herbal tea instead and hope I make it through the evening.

Here's what I did eat

Breakfast: 3 eggs with tomatoes and spinach

Dinner: Pork burgers carrots and beans

Strawberries and coconut milk
Now to plan tomorrow's meals - which I will remember to eat!

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