Down on the dairy farm

Today we went on a visit to a local farm. A small little diary farm just outside of Albany, Yard 86 . We have tasted their milk before - it is amazing. More expensive than your supermarket milk but so much more tasty. We're not huge milk drinkers, and the mass produced supermarket milk doesn't seem to suit us very well, so we don't mind paying for the a small amount of good quality moo juice.

We were welcomed onto the farm like we were family and got to see how the cows are milked and how the milk is gently pasteurised and bottled. We also went out into the paddock to see the happy cows and to investigate the silage which they are fed in the summer when the grass doesn't grow so well.

Yard 86 have just 17 cows. All are known by name. Their family history is understood and the personalities too. They have been selected for producing delicious milk rather than for the volume. They certainly seem like very happy cows.

We were very happy humans too as we got to drink the coffee and chocolate milk

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