Getting ready for our official homeschool life

Although we're not officially home schooling yet (schooling is not compulsory here for Arthur until next year) it has been on my mind that we need to get some kind of routine and structure in place that will allow us to juggle all the things we have to accomplish. I am in the early stages of creating a new business which is taking a lot of my time.  I also have to do everything in the house and the garden, create some healthy meals, get some exercise and routines in to keep me healthy so that I can be the best mum I can be, and of course ensuring that my son gets the opportunity to learn, explore, create and discover above and beyond what he would experience in a traditional educational institution.

He's not cut out for school - he hates being "taught" by me just as much as he hated his kindy teacher setting defined, closed, controlled and specific tasks. He is creative. He has his own mind. He doesn't enjoy sitting down and tracing the letter A multiple times, but he will happily write when there is a purpose, or if he wants to. I found him sitting at the kitchen bench with paper and pen the other day, using video titles on the iPad to write down all the names of the engine from Thomas and Friends. He will teach himself before he'll let anyone else teach him.

He is inspired by real things. Complex topics. He asks questions and explains things way beyond you would anticipate a 5 year old would or could. With all my experience of education, Arthur is proving the theories that I frequently espoused. We learn best when we have a purpose, and in a real authentic context, when we want or need to know. I am trying to go with that, to follow his lead and to make the most of his curiosity, for every question and experience is a learning opportunity.

It is necessary to create a space for all that to happen though. We need time to be together exploring the world. He also needs to be left alone to work on things himself. We need to have a variety of activities and experiences to learn from. I also want to use events that are happening - like the supermoon tonight.

He has previously been uninterested in reading, but now he's asking me to show him how. We do have some early readers which we are looking at each night, and he loves rhyming sounds and creating silly songs.

He loves doing craft

I guess we'll figure it out and find our way.

I am nervous and excited

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