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mumpreneur opportunity

As a single home educating parent, one of the major hurdles I had to get over to make it happen was the financials. I've tried a lot of things. Blogging has bought me in a few $ in the past, but in all honesty if you were to work out the hourly rate I have earned from my blog you would have a very small figure. I worked as a Virtual Assistant for a time too - trading time for money at an hourly rate. This was a little better perhaps, at least I knew there'd be some money, but I still had no real control over how things developed, my rate was poor, sometimes there was lots of work and I was getting up in the middle of the night to get it done, sometimes there was none. I got to know how other people's business worked (or didn't work!) but I had no control over it, my opinion didn't count, I was working harder on someone else's dreams than they were themselves, for peanuts. I started doing natural therapies from home. This nurtures my soul a lot more, I love giving the treatments, but really I can't do this with a 5 year old at home. Organising childcare is hard, he doesn't like it and the profits left at the end of all that make it a hobby rather than a serious income generator. 

Through a series of best laid plans going wrong, I actually stumbled across the thing that was right. I now run an international business online. I am completely my own boss, working my own hours, as much or as little as I like. I can work from anywhere with internet access and need nothing more than my phone to do it. I frequently work from playgrounds and beaches, from my sofa and my bed, in coffee shops and restaurants. We have travelled overseas and interstate. I have created a job that fits around our life and gives us the opportunity to go more places and do more things. 

I can earn from anywhere and my son can learn from anywhere. 

I have stepped into my dream and have become a world schooling solo mumpreneur.

I am now at the stage in my business where I have started helping other people to do this too. If you like helping people and have the desire to improve your financial situation and create more time freedom please get in touch and I can tell you more. I do not charge for this service and there's no obligations, so if you're curious contact me

Hello, and thanks for stopping by. My name is Emma and I am a lifestyle entrepreneur, writer, teacher, coach and mentor. I am passionate about eating real food, learning, travel and health. I get to spend my days with my amazing son who has chosen to learn from the world rather than at school. We write to share the life we love and to help others create a life they love too.

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