Visiting the home of Sir Isaac Newton

One of the Blissful Boy's favourite things we did in the UK was visit Woolsthorpe Manor, the home of Sir Isaac Newton. We got to see the Apple Tree, and to go into Newton's home. The place does a great job of telling you what life wold have been like for Sir Isaac.

Apparently he was a student at Cambridge University, where they didn't care much for him as he held different opinions about things to his lecturers. They thought he was getting things wrong - he knew they were!

The university was closed for a period when the plague affecting the country. At his home during this time Sir Isaac was free to think for himself and described gravity and experimented with light in his bedroom

Under Newton's Apple Tree

 The room Sir Isaac was born in - on Christmas day 1642

There is a science room with some great interactives for kids (and adults)

We came away with "Sir Isaac" as Arthur's new hero. He really wanted a postcard with Sir Isaac on - which I let him have. We also bought a prism and a miniature Newton's Cradle so lots of lessons to come in the future too. 

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