5 Foods for Happy Thoughts

5 foods for Happy Thoughts -JBT

By Kira Westwick, creator of The Juicy Body Transformation  (JBT)

The JBT program believes lifestyle and nutrition choices strongly influence healthy brain function or lack thereof. When we fuel our brain with the right foods that boost and balance brain chemistry, we replenish our neurotransmitters which influence our moods. Here are some foods that can help bring balance to our mental and emotional state...

Chia seeds- full of plant based omega 3 - an essential fat that plays an important role in brain health. Deficiency in this fat is linked to fatigue, mood swings, memory decline and depression.

Avocados - loaded with vitamin E which helps cognitive function, and of course super brain boosting healthy fats.

Coconut oil- a natural anti inflammatory food which contains MCT which has been proven to improve cognitive function almost immediately upon digestion.

Free ranging organic Eggs- a great source of B12 and other key brain boosting vitamins such as choline and inositol. They are an excellent source of mood enhancing omega 3 fatty acids. These can also help prevent memory loss.

Dark chocolate and raw cacao - gives an instant boost in mood and concentration, reduces stress hormones and improves blood flow to the brain helping you feel more vibrant and energised. The darker the better!

An extra tip- sunlight is an important soul food and the best source of Vit D which is crucial for making endorphins for health and happiness. Ensure you get at least 15min of sun exposure each day.

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