Can my son remember his birth?

A while ago I remember reading a post about a little girl that remembered her birth story. It was fascinating reading, and I made a note in my head that when BB was 3 1/2  I would ask him about his.

There was no need to wait that long though. I think he told me about it the other night.

I was putting him to bed. He still sleeps in my bed. Sometimes he asks me to "little bit share my pillow Mummy" and on other occasions its "Cuddle me". Last Thursday was the latter.

As I cuddled him and he was falling asleep he said "Don't pull me." Followed by "Don't pull me apart!" . 
"I won't pull you apart" I replied
BB "You did pull me!"
Me "I didn't honey"
BB "You did! When I was in your tummy you did pull me!"
Me "I didn't pull you darling"
BB "Yes you did - I couldn't get out so you did pull me"
Me "I didn't pull you it was a lady"
BB "No, it was you"

and then he fell asleep.

He was stuck - for 3 days. He was finally delivered on the Thursday after contractions began on the Sunday. In the end it was all a bit of an emergency and he was delivered with the aid of a ventouse.

The next day I asked him if he remembered telling me about when he came out of my tummy. He did, and reminded me that I pulled him. I asked him what happened and he said "You pulled me and I fell down" 
Me "What happened next?"
BB "I rolled, and I made a mess all around"
Me "and what happened next"
BB " I cried"

He was the wrong way round so he did have to be turned to get him out. I guess there was a mess too! It took him ages to cry - or at least it seemed that way to me. I asked him if anyone else was there and he said there wasn't. He is wrong there, we were in the emergency room and there were loads of people! Nice that he only remembers me I suppose, and that would explain why he thinks it's me that pulled him.

Since telling me this story he has repeated the bit about rolling a couple of times but he reverses the roles. He says that he had to pull me out of his tummy and then I rolled and made a mess all around!

Interesting! I really think he does know something here.

Has anybody else had a conversation like this with their child? Please comment if you did.

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  1. That is so interesting! Sorry, no experience of this with E.

  2. That's a bit chilling that a child can remember being born--- and blame his/her mother for what happened at that time. I haven't given birth yet, but will in about 10 weeks for the first time. Now, I feel a bit of extra pressure to make it a good experience for the baby-- though I imagine it's always traumatic for the baby going from womb to world. Still, it's also very, very cool, so I'm glad you shared.

  3. Oh no! I am sorry that my post has had that impact. If it's any consolation he doesn't seem traumatised by it in any way. In fact he has remembered it in the nicest possible way. And I love that despite all the drama and people racing around he remembers it as just him and me.

    Hope you both have a good experience though!

  4. No I wonder how common it is? I don't think I would have picked up on this conversation if I hadn't read that post I mentioned above.

  5. Thanks! It wasn't a truly negative impact. It's fascinating. But "Don't Pull Me Apart" and "You Pulled Me and I fell down" do sound a bit disturbing... I'm glad it seems he remembers it it in a nice way.

  6. My Mum insists that when I was around 2 I was telling her what it was like to be in utero. I was describing the sounds, the warmth and a lot of it was true of what we're told the experience is like. Babies do remember, I'm sure of it :)

  7. That's interesting Natalie - I am assuming from what you say there you don't remember it now!

  8. I can't even remember my daughter's birth to be honest, haha! I should have been a goldfish :)

  9. Ha ha! No I can't really remember BB's either!