FarFaria - Children’s Books for the iPad

BB and I were recently offered the chance to review FarFaria. An iPad app with more than 600 Children's stories already, and they add 5 new ones each week.

Of course we said yes!

The stories are organised in to different categories which are represented on a map. You just click on "See the World" to view.

They are:
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Adventure Island
  • Bed Time Bluffs
  • Good Land
  • Loony Lagoon
  • Pre-School Playground
  • Sing Along City
  • Genius Jungle
  • Classics Grove
  • Fairy Tale Falls and 
  • Mt Make Believe

All of which are fairly self explanatory. Once you get in to your land, you can search further, by A-Z, by reading level, or select the most popular stories, or the newest stories.

There is the option of having the story read to you or of reading it yourself. The reader has an American accent and though he is slightly robotic sounding, he speaks clearly and is easily understood. We have read most of the ones we have looked at together so far ourselves though. I prefer this way of reading with my child, but of course there are always times when it could be handy for him to use it by himself!

Created for children ages 2-9, FarFaria’s engaging story-discovery experience encourages children to stumble into new stories they’ll love forever. There are stories that you have heard of and stories that you will have never seem before The books also have their reading level (I think in school year) on the front of each book which is handy for when the child starts reading for them selves.

There are several fact books too - we have enjoyed "Amphibians" "Spiders" and "Animals of Australia" so far. I like that you link this in with different learning themes you may have going at home, (BB has recently become interested in snakes and we have been to the reptile shop a few times, so the snake book was really enjoyed, even though it is really a bit too advanced for BB's understanding (we mostly just looked at the pictures!). They also have stories suitable for different times of year, and different life events.

You can also save stories into your favourites and these can then be read offline, which makes it an excellent app for when you are travelling or on holiday - no need to cart lots of books with you. There is also no advertising, which pleases me greatly! 

I have to say we haven't loved everything we have read, but I think that's just individual taste. With over 600 stories from we haven't had any problems finding lots of things we love and I'm sure you wouldn't either.

You too can try FarFaria for Free: Download FarFaria and read one story every day for free with no obligation to pay.

For access to unlimited stories and offline reading, subscribe for just $3.99 a month and cancel anytime.

You can also win a three month subscription by entering a Rafflecopter giveaway here.

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