Hello 2014

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I just took a look back at my goals for 2013, and I didn't do as badly as I thought. I did start running, and meditating, and I have been swimming. I also started getting a regular maintenance treatment on my back. I have started doing most housework when BB is around - he loves to help with most chores, especially washing and cooking.

I haven't read a novel, and after months of watching nothing I finally cancelled my film subscription yesterday. I didn't have a night out either. I have read lots of books for work though, and I have increased my earnings.

We do have an excellent play space in the house (well most of the time it's the whole house and garden), and although I have now stopped planning so many 'together tasks' it is because there is less need. BB directs the play around here these days. He's big into role play and I have to go to his 'vegetable shop' at least once a day, and be a dinosaur, a patient, go to his cafe or visit his house. He does cooking and painting and craft and swimming and walking in the woods or around the lake, visits to the park, we have regular play dates…

In September BB started going to nursery for a second morning each week too, meaning I have more time to work when he's not here and occasionally I have a evening to myself, which is really nice. I still struggle to get all my work done though and am considering having him go for longer on one of the days. I don't want him to go on another day as I cherish our time together, we go swimming, take my Nana out, and have play dates with with a friend, all of that helps keep me sane - I don't want to lose any of it.

Goals for 2014 are similar to 2013 - I still want to carve out a little more me time, stick to my commitments regarding running and meditation, and maybe the odd swim here and there. I still want to read more too. I am also aware that with the events that have taken place in the last year, I am not really sure what I want anymore. I want to work towards a bit of clarity there too - me time and meditation will help with that I think.

I want to be better organised with our meals too. I'm not thinking of going over the top with meal planning, but I think perhaps planning the main meal each day on a weekly basis would help to ensure a varied diet and stop us wasting so much food.

I'd like to increase our income so that we can have some little treats every now and again, and maybe even a holiday. I think I am onto that though - it has increased during the course of 2013 and I now have hard evidence that if I am organised and plan my time well I make more money - that's a good motivator. The BabyCalm and ToddlerCalm teaching is additional work for 2014 and hopefully this will bring our income levels up a little too.

I want to be fitter and healthier - lose a little weight, feel energetic. I know the answer here - avoid wheat - so many nice tempting things contain it though. Pork pies and mince pies have been my recent downfall but I'm looking forward to getting back on track with food in 2014.

I think thats enough!

I am not even going to mention the baby this year. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. We'll see!

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  1. Amazing to see how much he's changed in just a year!

  2. I know! From a Baby to Little Boy...