More of what BB says...

Again it's been a while, but thankfully having my sister on my back to record these things and keep her posted while she is overseas has been enough to make me do it again.

I think I have to go back to about November, which was when he started on new little phrases that he would use lots, until he got the next one. The first one came to the fore when I asked if I could borrow his teddy - "Of course" he replied. After of course, came I think so, and then Why not?

Some other cute moments were when he has misinterpreted things I have said, for example, on Christmas Eve I said to him that we should put something out for the reindeer - he replied "It's not raining Mummy". Then just this week he was really tired and we had to make a car trip. He got in his seat, pulled up his blanket and then closed his eyes. A few seconds later he opened his eyes and told me he'd had his sleep already. I said to him that it must have been a micro nap, and he said "No, it's not your crow nap!" 

His inner Aussie is also shining through. He's not particularly happy with dark, dull, short days -"where is the sun? I miss it".

He recently started calling me his girl too - "You my girl Mummy!" which I do think is very cute. 

He also has names for his cups. Not sure why, but his sippy cups were called Mimi and Buzz. He has now starting drinking out of real breakable mugs. His favourite he used to call Fish One until I pointed out that it has no fish on it, so now he calls it No fish on it. "Milk, no fish on it" has therefore become a common request!

I'll add more as I remember them, I promise sis!

In the meantime here's a favourite photo from Christmas. Four generations of us. BB, me, my mum and her mum.

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  1. He is growing so much!!! It sounds like he is at a very fun age. :-)