My first e-book purchase

Those who know me personally consider me to be quite 'techy' and are always surprised to learn that I prefer a real book to e-books. I am a book lover. There is something about curling up with a book that is so much cosier than curling up with an iPad! Plus I like to read at night and looking at a screen before you sleep is bad, right?

I have actually been an adamant 'save the book' advocate. Last time a friend really tried to persuade me to go electronic was when I was about to give birth to BB. I did waiver very slightly at that point, but then decided against it. I wanted to model reading 'books' to my child, not staring at screen. Reality is though - I model staring at a screen anyway, and hardly ever read books when he's awake.

I have recently acquired a couple of e-books - ones that have been available FREE. I haven't actually read any of them 'cover to cover', but it has hooked me in. I am finding I like e-books. For one thing they keep a note of your page for you (BB loves pulling our book marks from my real books!), and they don't take up space on my book shelf, and if I move back to Oz it will save me heaps on shipping (I have sadly given away so many books in the past for this reason).

One of my worries was what happens if BB deletes the file, or I lose my iPad, or it breaks, but then I found out that I can get the book again if need be - forever! (more info here)

The thing that finally drove me to it was the price. I can afford more! I have been struggling to decide which Paleo book to buy. I asked for recommendations and my list got even longer instead of shorter - so e-book it is. I decided on Robb Wolf's, The Paleo Solution for my first one, and I'm open to more votes on which one I should get next, as I sure can't decide by myself!

I'll let you know how I go? I think reading this kind of reference book will be fine - but I still can't imagine curling up with a e-novel!

I'm interested to hear how other bloggers feel about this. We read so much on screen! Do you read books on screen too? Do you still have that nostalgic love for a real book?

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  1. I have tried to love e-books...but I don't. I like being able to pick up a book and page through it. It's okay in a pinch, but if I have a choice I go for the real book!

  2. I was a steadfast save the book advocate myself. I love the smell & feel of books!! But a favourite blogger wrote a short story that was only available on I downloaded the App & have been hooked since! I even downloaded the text for the course I'm makes it easier to always have a book with me (on my phone).

  3. I used to be like that - but now I am using e-bookmarks and indexes and highlighting... I am hooked! And I discovered while cooking BB's dinner that you can hold it in one hand more easily than a book, and cook with the other. I love the book though. Did you read it. I ended up recommending it to the gym instructor today!

  4. I totally agree. I am already wishing that I had e versions of the other books I bought recently. I have even thought of trying to resell them on amazon and get the kindle version. I could clear my book shelves and use the space for crafting stuff...

  5. Yes, I did read Paleo Solution. It's a good one :)
    I haven't tried the bookmarking and highlighting. That would probably help some of my "issues" with the e-book.

  6. Thanks Sarah - I did do this already though