Whole 30, days 10, 11 12 and 13

A bit of a catch up - I have been trying to get to bed at a decent hour so have skipped the nightly blogging. I know I don't get enough sleep. I work when my son sleeps, and also that's when I'm online blogging etc. I have been surviving on around 5 1/2 hrs a night for way too long. I'm actually used to it now, but I know its not good.

I did manage nearly 7 hours one night which was great. I'm hoping to do it more often!

Anyway - to try and remember what I ate.

Day 10 was Wednesday, I had mince and courgette pasta for breakfast, skipped lunch by accident due to a combination of swimming, collecting son from nursery, dealing with a grumpy almost 2 year old and working. I realised at about 3.30pm that I was starving, but decided it best to wait until 5pm when we have tea. Son was still grumpy, I tried to cook an omelette, I burnt it, ate half and gave up!

Day 11 was better. For breakfast I made Avocado stuffed with egg and bacon which has been on my Pinterest, tempting me, for a few weeks now. It was good, but a little overcooked - I would have preferred a runny yolk - will have to work on the timings for that!

Avocado stuffed with egg and bacon

I went out for the day to Cambridge with my Mum, and we had lunch in a nice little cafe. I chose the chicken salad which wasn't completely compliant as it contained peanuts! It was my best option though.

Chicken salad

 By the time we got home it was late. I cooked some salmon from the fridge and ate it with lettuce, which again wasn't a perfect meal as there wasn't really enough vegetable matter.

Salmon on a bed of green salad
 Before I went to bed, I also cooked up some chicken breast, ready to make Avocado Chicken Salad, (another pinterest find) the next morning.

Day 12, Friday. For breakfast 4 scrambled pheasants eggs, three roast tomatoes and some roast green beans

Egg tomatoes and beans

Avocado chicken salad (in the sun)
For lunch we actually met up with some members of my family in a cafe. I knew it was pretty much a sandwich and chips kind of place, so I ate my packed lunch of chicken salad in the park outside before we went in - then I ordered a garden salad side order, just so that I was eating along with everyone else at the table.

Things were going really well until my Dad took my son off to get an ice cream. Son came back screaming, he'd dropped his flake and Gramps wouldn't let him pick it up again. So I got a screaming child and a dripping ice cream. I had to lick it, until he had calmed down.

I know - smack hand!

For dinner I had a cold salmon fillet from the fridge (cooked at the same time as yesterday's) with salad

And finally today - Saturday, Day 13

I wasn't really hungry for breakfast - it took a while to get motivated to cook and then I didn't really enjoy it. The asparagus was from the freezer so a bit watery. I didn't eat it all.

Lunch was a bacon salad.

Egg, tomato, asparagus

Bacon salad
Dinner will be salad too (we are enjoying a heatwave here in the UK). Not sure if it will be salmon or tuna though, depends on the use by date of the salmon!

Other news is that I bought new plates. Seeing as I seem to be taking a lot of photos of food, which looks so much better on a white plate I thought I would invest some cash. Essentially I bought plates for my Instagram - which I do find a little unbelievable myself, but I did it anyway. They will get their first run in a few minutes, just as soon as I decided what to have for dinner!

Exercise - I have done lots of walking and swimming and have been on the Wii most days that I didn't walk or swim. I could ramp it up a bit I think now that I have more energy. Tonight's pinterst search might be looking for some workouts

Water - have not been recording how much but have drunk well over the 1.5L goal I set myself  for the last few days - it has been hot here! Yippee!

Also doing Whole 30 July - Molly and the Princess

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  1. Wow, well done on catching up on your missing days' posts - I never did catch up on mine ;)

    I'm going to miss your plates though - made your photos distinctive, but I know what you mean about food looking better on white.


  2. Thanks - taking the instagram pics helped with the catch up as otherwise I would have probably forgotten what I ate. I do like those plates, they were my Nanna's - her best ones that only came out at Christmas!

    The white plates do show the food up better though. They also give the impression that my portions got smaller but that's not actually the case - the plates are bigger.

  3. I migrated this post and the comment was falsely attributed to me - really it's from @msmollylouise