Whole 30 Day 3

I have been feeling really ill today with my cold, and perhaps some detox on top. I ate only half of my breakfast and so planned on eating the rest at lunch time but I still wasn't hungry.

I was hungry by tea time though and it was delicious

No exercise today, and I will get the water to 1.5L before I sleep, and probably beyond, but not quite there yet.

Here's a quick look at what I ate - then I am going to sleep!

Breakfast Spinach and Mushroom Omelette 

Dinner Paleo Pork Pie

I am quite please with my Paleo Pork Pie - I hope the name's not deceiving - I liked the three P's. Think Shepherds pie not a pork pie with a pastry crust.

Anyway - sleep for me to hopefully knock this cold on the head!

Also doing Whole 30 July

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