The Blissful Boy is Two!

In honour of the Blissful Boy turning two, here is a little summary of his second year, month by month. There have been so may 'first time' experiences, and so much as changed. My baby is a little boy now - and a very cute one too!

On his birthday last year. Not quite walking
 but enjoying holding people's hands and
testing out his new soft leather baby shoes


This is the month that he began to walk, that his Aussie Grandma came to visit, and when he was Christened. 
Nearly walking - from table to shelf!

Shearing his car with a friend at the Christening

Dancing to the folk music on holiday - the only footage I have of him with his Grand-Tante, PP's mum.

Taking his first steps - so pleased I caught some of this on camera - though you may note that he is just falling down in a lot of the scenes and I missed the actual walking part - still - you definitely get the idea.


Walking is mastered, now he can get outsideand into the sand pit before he's
even dressed in the morning!


Confident enough to really start exploring the garden now

Plus his first walk on the beach and his first rock pooling experience


First Masterpieces


We planted an Oak tree and plan to take photos every year of BB and the tree. He also had his first winter Christmas.

With Grandma and the Oak tree


First walk in the snow
First walk in the snow


First haircut. Even more traumatic for me than for him! He also started to enjoy cooking - and tasting!


 First walk in spring - curious about the little plants sprouting up out of the ground.

First 'motorbike' - like Daddy!


Finally, after months and months of winter the sun came out and suddenly there a whole new world to explore - the back yard!

Feeding the chickens became a favourite past time. Note he is even pulling up the weeds as he goes!


We  move into more advanced chicken keeping


His first love - he's still talking about her, and he has a truck that she gave him which he named after her, and a cup she used which has her name too.


And finally, here he is earlier this month - with his friend T.

What a great year we have had. Thank you Blissful Boy, for sharing it with me.

Vital Statistics at age Two

Height = 90cm
Weight = 14.0Kg
Head Circumference = 49.5cm


Everything Trains
His toys that Grace gave him - the Men and the truck
Tumble Tots
All sorts of climbing and jumping and crashing


Vacuum cleaners

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  1. Aww happy birthday to your beautiful boy! He's adorable!
    Lovely pictures x

  2. Thanks very much Kim - that post took me ages - it did make me finally get around to doing stuff with some of the video I have though, which has to be a good thing.

  3. Happy Birthday, BB! I love the picture/movie post idea.

  4. Thanks Shannon. I thought it was the best way to capture how much he changed. And it Made me do something with the video.