Whole 30 Day 28

Now that I am nearing day 30, I am starting to think about other foods. I have decided I will start reintroductions on day 31, but just do one food each time, perhaps one every other day. Much of my day has been spent thinking about which food to start with. Sometimes I am thinking sensibly and rationally, like I really don't think rice is a problem based on my experience with the elimination diet, so I should do that first. Then tonight as I put some ice cream in a bowl for BB I was thinking "yay - lets eat ice cream first!" I am going to try and go with the rice. I think I might have to write myself a plan so that I don't go off the rails though - its already tempting to eat everything!

I also forgot to photograph lunch today. It was white fish, cauliflower and beans.

Paleo tuna cakes with salad

Chicken fried in coconut oil and salad

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