Bandai Badge It! Badge Maker - Review

Bandai Badge It! Kit Contents: Badge Maker, Badge tops, badge bottoms. images, template and  saftey pins
Bandai Badge It Kit Contents
I was recently fortunate to be sent a Bandai Badge It! Badge Maker to review. 

The Bandai Badge It Badge Maker is a craft kit, targeted at young people, aged 6+, and it enables you to make your own badges. Although I can see the appeal to kids, I personally think that this is a great craft accessory for all ages.

Bandai Badge Making Unit
The Badge Making Unit

The kit includes  the Badge Making Unit, 15 badge Tops, 15 Badge Bottoms, 15 Transparent  Seals, 15 safety pin fittings, and 15 images which can be used to create your badges.  You can also buy Refill Packs which contain 30 more badge sets in each.

Bandai Badge It! Review
Badge components: Images, fronts, backs and safety pins
There is also a plastic template which can be used to create your own custom badges, using any image that you fancy.

The Badge making Template -
which allows you to use any image you like for your badge

Bandai Badge It! Review
Use the outer line to cut your image

Bandai Badge It! Review
Cut out image, ready to enter machine

Bandai Badge It! Review
Make your own image from scratch
I printed my own - the image needs to be about 35mm wide.

Bandai Badge It! Review
Cut out using outer circle
Bandai Badge It! Review
Place image on top of badge
Yo do need to click the plastic part with the safety pin attached by hand.

And here it is - your own unique badge!
Bandai Badge It! Review
The badges I made

Although BB is too young to be able to use this, he was definitely interested in the parcel when it arrived, and the contents. I actually made all of the above while he was in bed. When he woke up he was very interested in the badges, especial the one with me and him on. Luckily I was prepared for this and we made a badge together of BB and Dad.

Ready to cut out the image

Bandai Badge It! Review
Ready to go

He was very impressed,
 and somewhat amazed at what came out!

Although the badge making unit is made of plastic it is actually very strong and robust. It takes considerable strength to turn the dial until it clicks (I think 6 is a good age from this perspective, but you may still need an adult close at hand). I think it could be used with slightly younger children as long as an adult is present.

I LOVE it. I had no expectations having never heard of it prior to being asked to review the product, but having had the good fortune of having it come to our household I am really pleased to have been chosen to review the product.

Although I can see why the product may be marketed at the 6+ population, I have to say that the product has a great value to a much wider audience. For example, as someone who ran professional development programmes for teachers,  I would use this the people arrived at my training sessions. asking them to create a name badge to help us all know a little about who they are. It would also be great for kids birthday parties - you could make badges in advance with kids names on and then they could take them home.

BB is definitely too young for it at the moment though - he kept wanting to put bits in the machine once we'd made the badge. Not necessarily the right bits! He could easily block it I think - though it looks like it unscrews at the bottom if this does happen, I decided to put it away before it did. I can see that it will be great in years to come. While BB grows a bit, we are going to give the Badge It kit to an older child on extended loan, and look forward to using it again in a couple of years.

The Bandai Badge It! kit was sent to me free of charge in return for me writing a review. All of the contents of this review are my own opinions and represent my honest impression of the product.

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