Paleo Breakfasts and Packed Lunches


Although what to have for breakfast seems like a huge challenge when you first think about eating a grain and dairy free diet, actually it is not so bad. Once you shift your mindset beyond the few traditional breakfast items that we are used to, and allow yourself to have anything you like for breakfast, it becomes easy.

Salads and vegetable stir fries now feature in my favourite breakfasts and I feel great when I start the day with such a healthy burst of nutrients. An avocado is an excellent breakfast if you are in a hurry, as are left overs from the previous night's dinner, and let's not forget all the things you can do with eggs! 

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Second only to the challenge of what to have for breakfast, is what you can take in a packed lunch once you rule out sandwiches, pasta salads, and yoghurt pots! Cold meats are ideal, as tins of tuna, hard boiled eggs, nuts, salads and cold vegetables. 

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