Whole 30 Days 12 and 13


So, I went away for the weekend and I wasn't perfect. My food on day 12 went well BUT I did drink a glass of champagne!

Someone put it in my hand. I held it for a while and considered my options. I will share my rationale with you just for fun. I decided that the important thing for me here was to change my diet to healthily cut out wheat, and most likely other gluten grains too (but I am not sure about that until I reintroduce them), and also to test the effect of dairy and legumes on my body. Things that I could innocently be consuming every day that might be making me feel rubbish. Champagne on the other hand, I am already aware is not the best thing for my body, and I am aware that it should be handled in moderation - I do  not consume it every day and nor do I plan to in the future. Therefore I decided it was not a subject of the current investigation, nor something to be overly concerned about in the future, so I could politely consume!

Well, it worked for me, and it was nice.

All of the nibbles on offer were wheat based though (wraps, pastries, sandwiches etc) so I didn't eat anything at all while we were at the party and all my other drinks were water.

Day 13 got off to a good start with chicken and vegetables for breakfast. Then we were heading out at about 11.00 and  BB and I shared a banana before we left, so technically I was eating between meals. Then we went to a cafe for lunch. I chose the best thing on the menu under the circumstances - Chicken with mushrooms, courgette and leeks. I thought about asking questions about what was in the dish grain and dairy wise, but didn't want to make a fuss. Also, there was no better option that I could see, so it was fairly pointless to do so. I suspect there was a tiny bit of cheese in the sauce though.

Then there was tea. No rules broken with regard to banned substances, but not strictly what it should have been either. It was a bit of a quick snack tea as we had just gotten in from our long drive home and BB needed something before he went to bed. I had a paleo tuna cake left over from our travels, with a raw carrot some mango and pomegranate.

Anyway, I wasn't that great at taking photos either, but here are the ones I took.
Breakfast day 12

Lunch Day 12 -
half eaten - oops, was a paleo tuna cake and salad

Breakfast day 13 -
chicken, courgette, onion, lettuce tomatoes and beetroot

I am not too disappointed with myself really. I realise that I may have compromised the effect of the whole 30 a bit by allowing the champagne and suspect sauce to pass my lips, but I am also fairly certain that lots of aspects of the whole 30 way of eating will be with me long after the 30 days are up, which will hopefully compensate for that somewhat.

I will be better tomorrow - we are home now and my meals are all planned. It's eggs for breakfast, white fish for lunch and turkey thigh mince for tea. I will try to remember to photograph them too!

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