Our first SMC/donor baby party

Our party at the weekend was quite an exciting event, as it was our first UK gathering with other mums and dads in a similar parenting situation to us. One of DD's long standing friends donated to a single woman around the same time that DD and I were deciding to parent together. They now have two children, the eldest of which just turned 2. The party was in her honour.

I was a little nervous about it if I am honest. This other SMC is a GP living in quite a nice part of London. I wondered how someone who has spent most of her life either in the outback of Australia, or the back of beyond in the UK was going to fit in, but it was great. Lots of interesting, educated people, and it was nice to be one of the younger ones for a change (where I live I am generally the age of the grandmothers and rarely have much in common with the other mums).

It was funny too in that PP (DD's partner) actually knew lots of people there. He really wasn't expecting that from his first 2 year old birthday party.  I think it has been hard for him to feel connected in our family recently as he has been away caring for his mum for a long time. Hopefully this weekend was good to help him feel like he belongs in the baby circle too.

I also want to keep a connection with the group. I think it is important that BB grows up knowing other kids with similar family backgrounds to him. The mother of the birthday girl and I plan to catch up again for a play date when BB and I are next in the city. I'm looking forward to it already.

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  1. glad you enjoyed yourself so much - and agree think it's important for children to know that their family structure is normal for other children too

    and seriously you are not old sweetie

  2. I agree with you that giving our children the opportunity to be around others with similar families & beginnings is so important. I wish there were SMC families closer to Elena & I. Glad you had a nice time!