Whole 30 Day 11

Once again a quick post.

I tried the turkey stuffed sweet potato with lemon today and it was much nicer.

Lunch is a little on the burnt sale as I was distracted by BB who burnt his hand. Luckily after running under cold water and then making him hold a cold pack, it is fine. It did mean lunch was a little over done though - not too badly though. 

I am quite pleased we have done the first burn. Does that sound awful? I mean it in the sense that I have been telling him "don't touch - it's very hot" for months but he had no concept of what I actually meant. Now he definitely understands and got away with quite lightly. I hope it means we won't have any nastier accidents. 

The other thing I would really like him to do next is break something! I don't know how he's got away with it. He has dropped so many breakable items and they have bounced. It would be nice if he learned the concept of 'breaking' in a similar way - lesson learned with minimal damage

Anyway, back to my food. Slightly repetitive, cauliflower twice, and sausages again, but we are clearing out the fridge.

Leftover turkey stuffed sweet potato with lemon juice,
served with stir fried capsicum peppers and courgette

Salmon served with roasted cauliflower and asparagus

Sausages with onions and mushrooms
served with mashed cauliflower
I've just made some more paleo tuna cakes to take out with us tomorrow. I am going to hold off on publishing my recipe for that Abby, as I think I can improve it a bit. I followed the recipe more closely today, but I think I like some aspects of what I did the first time better, so I will have a third go and try to perfect it to my personal taste a little more.

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