Whole 30 Day 6

I woke up feeling nauseous and far from hungry this morning. Luckiy BB was on a bit of a go slow too. He had some milk and then wanted to play with his train before we ate breakfast, so that option suited me just fine too.

I decided I would still go ahead and cook what I had planned to make for breakfast.  I made Paleo Tuna Cakes, the idea came from here via Kristen who writes at Change of Pace. She is also blogging about the Whole30, and is ahead of me, so I am getting both inspiration and ideas there. I did change the recipe a bit as I didn't have onion powder or garlic powder, so I added a finely chopped spring onion and some garlic pepper instead. I also made half the amount in the original recipe.

Even half the amount was enough for 2 good sized cakes so I only ate one for breakfast (the other was perfect for our spontaneous picnic lunch). I had some green leaves (spinach rocket and watercress) and some beetroot with it. It was amazing! I will definitely be making those again.

Once again I felt much better for eating. I was now full of energy and the sun was shining. It was also the day of The St George's Day Fayre in our town. There is a parade, a funfair, market stalls, street entertainers, kids activities etc. I thought we should go and take a picnic lunch, seeing as I promised a picnic yesterday and it didn't happen.

Inspired by the book, I decided to make some kale chips (kale roasted in oil for about 12mins). That is something I never made before. It tastes like greens. I wasn't the favourite part of my lunch, but it was good. I will do it again, experimenting with different oils too. The tuna cake seemed even nicer at lunch time than it did at breakfast - it was perfect picnic finger food too.

I also tried something new for dinner, mashed cauliflower. I added some ghee as I mashed and then put cheese with BB's serve and garlic pepper with mine. It was really nice. I have left overs of that too, so tomorrow is looking good already. The other things on the plate are chicken (cooked in coconut oil with the juice of a blood orange added one it was cooked, so it simmered in the juice for a minute or two) and roasted snow peas. 

We had strawberries and coconut milk for dessert again (they are on special offer everywhere at the moment and we both love them), but I forgot to take a photograph. You know what they look like though.

So, after a bad start, the day is ending on a positive note, feeling quite happy about this Whole 30 thing today.

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