Whole 30 Day 5

Soft Boiled Eggs with Roasted Tomatoes and Asparagus

The novelty has definitely worn off!

Today was hard. 

That may have something to do with the fact that a small boy had me up at 5am though.

Once we were up, my cooked breakfast was really rather tasty.

Then we had to go out. I am organising a sponsored walk and had to go and check out the route. We were doing this with a couple of other people and it was at lunch time. So we took a picnic. I anticipated being really hungry, as I planned to eat when we had finished the walk, and so took a banana and some macadamia nuts along, as well as another egg salad for my main dish. When we got to the spot we were planning to eat there was huge marquee being erected so that was the end of that plan. BB had already eaten most of his in the push chair on the way round so we carried on to the car and drove home. I ate my banana and macadamias on the hoof and the salad in my own back yard once we were home. That was at about 2.30.

As BB usually has dinner around 4 -4.30 I wasn't hungry at all, so I made him an orzo pasta dish which he loves and decided I would have my meal once he was in bed. I almost skipped dinner entirely. I still wasn't hungry at 7 and felt like just going to bed. I considered it quite seriously, and wondered how bad it would be to miss a meal, and then decided I should get on and cook.

So I made the meal I had planned for both of us as it was the most appealing. Sausages, mushrooms and green beans. I fried the sausages, onions and mushrooms and as I was about to add the gravy I looked at the packet, just to check (I know it is wheat and gluten free) but damn it - it did contain corn starch! I considered using it anyway, but then decided I'd better not. So I just added a little water and some herbs and salt and garlic pepper and let it simmer for a while. It still wasn't great so I added a little squirt of tomato puree. It actually thickened up just a little, not sure how, maybe the ghee helped, but it wasn't the best gravy I ever tasted! I need to work on that for next time.

Despite the gravy disaster I did actually enjoy my food and felt much better for eating it. The sausages were a new find and actually really nice, and green beans are one of my favourite veggies. I did crave some mash to go with it though, and even a beer would have been nice and I don't even drink beer, so then I started thinking of wine... I ended up having a passionfruit which did tingle my taste buds in a similar way.

I now have to start thinking about tomorrow's meals. I don't have much enthusiasm for it I must say. One meal must be chicken as it's use by date is tomorrow, and it's been a couple of days since I had fish... Hopefully I will be inspired by the book. 

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