Whole 30 Day 10 and my thoughts so far

I was inspired by this post to have tuna and cucumber for breakfast. I came across a problem as soon as I went to make it though - no cucumber. So, tuna and green salad it was, with half an avocado and an olive oil, lemon and garlic pepper dressing. I'm afraid I didn't enjoy it much. The tuna was very dry (not my usual brand), but I ate at least half.

For lunch it was our day to take Nana and Grandma out for lunch. So out we went and I supped on a black decaf coffee and a bottle of water whilst they all ate. This wasn't so hard as none of their meals looked particularly appetising. When they had all finished eating we left the restaurant and I had my picnic lunch (which I forgot to photograph) of 3 hard boiled eggs in a salad of green leaves, beetroot, carrot and spring onion, plus an olive oil, balsamic and mustard dressing. It was yummy. I also had half a banana (BB's left overs).

For dinner I joined the craze for turkey stuffed sweet potatoes which I served with crispy kale. I altered the recipe slightly based on the herbs and spices in my cupboard and also added green beans (to sneak some greens into BB). I actually found it a bit too sweet. The recipe did say to use yellow sweet potatoes but I haven't seen them here - perhaps it would be better with those. I generally like to have something lemony with sweet potatoes to balance the sweetness, but I wasn't sure about lemon and turkey. I have one left for breakfast so I might squeeze some lemon juice on and see. It wasn't bad though. I ate all of this!

I also had a little bit of BB's left over pomegranate.

Reflections after the first 10 days

  • I like this. 
  • I'm not sure if this means I am doing something wrong, but I don't find it a big effort. I think it is actually easier for planning, eating this way. A simple formula to follow (Protein + Fat + 2x Veg) 3 x a day. That's not hard at all. Just have a variety of stuff in the fridge and mix and match. Right?
  • I'm not missing much either. I did have a slight pang today when everyone else tucked into a box of chocolates, but even that wasn't hard to resist. Some cheese would be nice. 
  • I'm not drinking enough water
  • I eat so much more than other people doing this - when I look at other people's plates of food in their posts, they look so small. I do wonder if I am eating too much. I am breastfeeding, which might make a little bit of a difference, but still. 

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