Whole 30 Day 14

I feel rotten today.

Also very close to having nothing in the fridge - shopping arrives tomorrow lunchtime. I did manage some good meals today though.

Breakfast 3 eggs scrambled with spinach and garlic,
served with onions and mushrooms

Lunch - fish cooked with garlic and lemon
served with roasted peas and beans

Dinner - turkey stuffed butternut squash with courgette

Dinner was an adaption of the sweet potato recipe - I like it more with butternut squash. I also have a piece almost that size leftover for breakfast.

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  1. why do you feel rotten? the diet or something else?

    i'm reading the book now, so i'm honestly interested.

    1. I don't know. I was really tired yesterday and had a dodgy belly. I broke the diet on day 13 as we ate out. I am not sure what was in the sauce on my chicken exactly but I am fairly sure there was cheese. There may have been flour too but I don't think so, wasn't a think sauce. So maybe its dairy, which would be very annoying, or maybe I am just tired after a big weekend and lots of driving and the dodgy belly is totally unrelated.

      An important lesson about why I want to stick to it properly for the rest of the 30 days plus the reintroduction part though. It will be good to find out for certain what makes me feel good and what doesn't.

      It's definitely worth doing it by the way - I would recommend it to anyone

    2. It could also be emotional too I guess. Not pregnant again and having the conversation as to how long we keep trying.