A little catch up

Firstly, back to the TTC story. I am 2dpo. I do at least feel like pregnancy might be possible this time, whereas I really didn't think it was the last two cycles. I am feeling heaps better both physically and mentally. The wheat elimination has definitely helped, and going to the fostering meeting the other day was very encouraging too. I was one of the youngest people there which makes me feel like I do have time for that in the future.

Another thing that made me feel better was listening to a Woman's hour podcast about having babies over 40. There was a woman who had just had a baby at 51. When asked if she thought this would be a problem for her child she had another way of looking at it - her mother is in her 80s and looking after her mother who is 104, she thought this caring process would be much easier for her child as she would only be in her early 50s when she had to take care of her at 104! I like the positive attitude.

I have also more or less come to terms with the fact that BB might be an only child. That's not so bad. In lots of ways it could be good in fact. I am happy with whatever happens.

We also had our first parents evening. DD was due to attend but was unwell so I went alone. It was weird being on the other side. I have been to lots of parents evenings as the teacher, but this was my first as a parent. I didn't know what I should ask, or say or do. BB is doing well though as far as we can tell. The notes say that he is a happy and confident boy who tries everything... I knew that anyway, but it is good to hear it from elsewhere too.

The weather has finally started to warm up here. We have had a couple of days in the garden. It makes so much difference being able to let BB play outside without worrying about how cold or wet he is. He is happier too. I have made a little pledge to record more video of him... here he is the other day with his new Bee that DD bought him.

We also have solar panels. It was real. I think I mentioned that a company wanted to give me solar panels and install them on my house for free. Well, they did. Apparently the panels are not the most recent model, you can now buy slightly more efficient ones for pretty much the same price, so I guess these ones weren't selling anymore. So the deal is that I got the 12 panels plus the fitting for free, but for the first year the Feed In Tariff goes to the company that installed them, then the account is transferred to me. We already have the benefit of being able to use electricity it is generating though so hopefully I will see some reduction in my bills.

Having the panels has meant changing the way we operate too. I used to do the washing at night after BB was in bed, but now I do it in the day. This does have a slight consequence in that we get through more clothes. I used to be able to wash and dry the clothes we had worn one day ready for the next day if required. Not any more though. Not that I am complaining, With the warmer weather we have even been able to dry washing on the line a couple of times (that always seems like such a luxury here, though perhaps my Aussie pals don't fully understand!).

We also finished our 'official' swimming lessons. They were just getting too expensive and there was little progression occurring as they kept adding younger kids to the class. We have made an agreement with some of our friends from the class to still go though, and are meeting at the council pool once a week instead. It's a bit cooler and there is no teacher so I think we need to be a bit proactive. Perhaps it is just the teacher in me, but I think we need a lesson plan just to make sure we keep moving and maintain and build the skills they already learned. If anyone knows of a good online resource for swimming activities for toddlers, I'd love to hear about it.

I think perhaps that's all our news. I will keep you posted on how things go in the 2WW.

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  1. "I am happy with whatever happens" I'm hoping to get to that place. My gut knows that Elena & I are best off just the two of us but my heart hurts that I won't have more children & siblings for Elena.

    The solar panels sound like a great opportunity. I'll be interested in hearing the difference they make for you.