It wasn't milk

It has been ages since I posted. BB has been poorly for over a week and I have been exhausted. I will write more about that later. In the meantime I thought I would fill you in on the diet.

I didn't really lose any weight in the week of restricting the foods again. I kept a record of everything I ate and am beginning to get some insights. The main purpose behind it though was to re test dairy. I enjoyed some great dairy free products in the meantime - the ice cream I already mentioned, but I found a great coconut and rice milk product which was lovely on your cereal. I would carry on with both if it were not for the price being so much more than milk.

After a week of strictly no dairy I introduced cows milk throughout the eighth day. No effect whatsoever. It has been tricky continuing with the process while BB has been sick, but I have tried cheese today, and I now have some grapes and grapefruit in store to test so we will see if there is anything in that.

What the food table does show is that I eat lots of high carb foods I gain weight. Also there was significant gain both times that I ate foods covered in 'breadcrumbs'. I am guessing it was additives, but will be investigating further.

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  1. Lucky duck. I'm highly reactive to milk, although I'm going to test some lactose free milk later.

  2. You might find that it is actually the milk proteins that cause the problem. I looked into this once before when my son was younger - Butter doesn't have the protein in that milk does. I think it is in cheese and yoghurt though so that may help you pin point the problem.