Cooking with Kids

BB loves to help out with all sorts of things, especially cooking. We made some scones a couple of weeks ago and he managed to sieve the flour, rub in the butter and mix in the sugar and the egg, then he cut out the shapes. Obviously he needed a bit of help with all of these things, but it is amazing what he can do already at 18 months.

He often stands on a chair beside me and watches when I am preparing dinner too, though it can be harder to include him with lots of things, especially if they require the use of the hob. Many recipes for kids seem to be sweet foods and cakes, and I would love to have more savoury and healthy options. I have begun a search for things that he can make or help with and thought I would share with you what I have found.

We have recently started watching I Can Cook, which is a show on TV here in the UK. There are some great recipes that kids can do. They are all available online - lots of savoury ones too which is great. The BBC Good Food site also has some great ideas, as does Netmums. Ocado also have a section on their site.

I have my own Pinterest board, and recently joined with a collaborative board, and am making a new effort to get things on there. I will also try and blog more about what we make, especially the savoury dishes, as this seems to be where the gaps lie.

Meantime, here is the Bread and Butter Surprise that we made yesterday.

Bread and butter pudding with chocolate drops
Bread and Butter Surprise

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