Reflections on my sugar binge

As I mentioned in my last post, I had a massive sugar binge yesterday. I bought sweets at the servo and ate them all while driving home - like a crazy thing! Even as I was doing it I was thinking "this is mad, I am supposed to be avoiding sugar and I am eating much more than I ever do right now, all in one go..." but I carried on! I have been thinking about that a lot since, like "what am I doing? am I sabotaging myself? what is really going here?".  

At first I was looking for a psychological answer. Perhaps I am scared about TTC, that PP will freak out again, that it won't work, that it will work.

But then I had arm pain again last night. I put this down to alcohol before but it definitely wasn't that this time. So I g**gled arm pain + sugar and came across this article on fibromyalgia. This really seemed like I may have hit the jackpot. When I wrote about Yeast Syndrome I was aware that this was likely, that it could affect me a little bit, but I thought it wasn't a major issue for me. I don't suffer from thrush or UTI's which are the main symptoms, and I did lose lots of weight in the first few days of the elimination diet, which suggests sensitivities, NOT losing weight in this time would have indicated a yeast problem. Well, anyway, despite all that, I think I was wrong. I feel a bit silly too, as I studied all of this as part of my Nutritional Medicine studies, and I am so sure that I am on the right track now I can't believe that I didn't see it before.

Also this morning I have had really itchy feet. I have observed before that this is linked to sugar intake. This could well be caused by the yeast syndrome. Also, if you think about all the foods that cause me problems, they are all ones you should avoid if you have yeast syndrome.  I had a good look at my weights and what I had eaten. I have been writing absolutely everything down this time. It seems that every time there is an issue I have been eating something that you should avoid when on the Candida Diet. Yeast was iffy on the elimination diet, and grapes carry lots of yeast. And I have noticed bread is an issue in the past. Soy sauce and Vegemite have been a problem for me since the elimination diet, sugar obviously is.

So now I am thinking that my sugar craving was caused by yeast (I am not the only one who thinks this) and not by being mental, which is many ways is a good thing! I am guessing that the yeast were being starved by my lack of sugar in my diet, then got a little taste when I ate ice cream on Wednesday, and craved more yesterday.

I think I do need to do something proactive about a potential yeast issue. As I said before, the book recommends drugs, but they are not an option when you are TTCing. Diet plays a major part though, and it involves avoiding sugar, alcohol, and things containing yeast, so that couldn't do me any harm. The book  says to identify food sensitivities first before dealing with candida, so I will carry on and retest dairy and the other things, but I am going to try and be stronger and resist the sugar urge, and begin do what I can towards starting the yeast elimination in the meantime too.

Tip: If you are planning to do the diet, WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING YOU EAT, even though it doesn't ask you to. You could miss something, and having that record would be really handy. sometimes symptoms like diarrhoea make your weight low and you could miss a sensitivity.

If you are interested in buying the book it is available at AmazonWaterstones and The Book People. It maybe be worth checking them all as prices do change. Amazon also have a Kindle Version

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  1. I'm starting to get frustrated with my "rebound" onto the weight is increasing rather than decreasing. :( (Even though I'm only doing my "safe" foods.)

  2. Thought provoking and some good tips. Thanks!