Results at the End of Stage 1

Suddenly I find myself at the end of stage one of the Elimination Diet.

On the whole I have felt well. I did have a headache at the beginning, and some aches and pains. Crouching down to reach something from the bottom of the change table made my muscles feel like I done 100 squats for a while there too. I also have green poop (sorry - is that TMI?) which I of course googled. Apparently it can happen with a change of diet and also with eating lots of green foods, both of which apply, so I stopped worrying about that one.

My mum called around today and said she thought my belly looked smaller. That comment inspired me to measure and would you believe I have lost 6cm from my waist! My chest and my hips have stayed the same, my bum is 2cm smaller and my thigh is 1cm smaller.  Of course I have been weighing myself too. I am pleased to report that this evening my weight is exactly 3 kg less than it was this time last week. That's nearly half a stone or 7lbs to those of you with a preference for imperial measures.

So now that I have completed stage 1 (which for those of you that missed the earlier posts involves eating only from a selection of 42 foods that have been found by Dr Mansfield to be very low risk with regard to people having sensitivities to them) it is time to start reintroducing foods back into my diet. This is done by introducing one food in the morning and one in the evening, and weighing yourself before each. Apparently if there is a sensitivity it will show up as immediate weight gain, so if I eat something for breakfast and then gain an abnormal amount of weight during the day I am likely sensitive to that food.

Stage 2, which I am about to enter, starts off with foods that are also unlikely to cause a reaction, so that I get to increase what I am eating ASAP. As time goes on, the foods that are being introduced get gradually more likely to cause an issue. Tonight for me it's broccoli, which is one of my favourite vegetables. Tomorrow chicken is on the menu - I am pleased about that as it is the only meat I eat. Stage 2 will last for 10 days, unless I find a sensitivity, in which case it will last longer as I have to recover from the incident before moving on and testing further foods.

As a preliminary study to Stage 2, I have been weighing at the required times for the last few days, just to see what is a normal weight gain for me during the day. Here are my results, in case you're interested.

am weight (kg)
pm weight (kg)


Anyway - that's enough from me. I am off to cook my broccoli!

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