I slept through the night!

Yes, me that is, not BB. He often does. I never do.

I always need to wake and go to the bathroom at least once during the night. I am fairly sure this phenomenon is related to sugar. As I mentioned, prior to getting pregnant with BB, I ate a diet very limited in sugar. I cut out pretty much all refined sugar and was also very careful to eat low GI foods too, so not a great amount of fruit either. I noticed then that I didn't need to get up in the night. I guess when I was pregnant, with a shrunken bladder it became normal, then I was a sleep deprived new mum who's sugar intake gradually rose, (Mum and baby meet ups usually seem to involve cake!)

I am surprised however that on just the second night of the elimination diet I slept for straight 8 hours. Especially as I am eating quite a lot of fruit. For example, I have eaten almost a whole pineapple in the first 2 days, peaches, pears and plums too. Maybe natural sugar is not so bad as I previously thought. This would be good news as I am big fan of fruit.

Other things to report are that I am now feeling good. The first night I had a headache which didn't go away, I woke up with it on day 2. I also had really achy muscles, like I'd had a bit of a workout. There is also this 'draining' feeling from all over my body. I associate that feeling with dieting - I usually have it on the first day or two of a 'diet'. I have previously imagined (though not really believed) it to be the feeling of my body drawing on my fat reserves. A nice thought, but having read Dr Mansfield's book, it could be that I have cut out a food that I am sensitive too and the feeling is that of my body recovering. We'll have to wait and see what happens when I start reintroducing foods.

I also found yesterday hard in other ways. I guess I was feeling a bit rough so my patience wasn't what it usually is, but BB was a challenge. We usually eat the same things. Obviously I am not putting him on an elimination diet so I am preparing him different food. I cooked him some pasta and with a bolognese style sauce and he refused to eat it - he wanted what I was eating, which was fish, mashed swede and green beans. But he didn't like what I eating, even when I added some cheese to the swede. So, he didn't eat much and kept saying more. I tried a few other things he likes and he refused them all.  He finally ended up having breakfast cereal. It worked better the day before when I ate after he was in bed - we'll try that strategy again tonight.

photo from http://recipes.howstuffworks.com/what-makes-a-good-pineapple.htm

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