There goes another kilogram!

It's now day 10, I have been reintroducing foods for a few days and all is going well - so far I haven't shown any sensitivity to anything. The weight is still falling off too. My size 18 jeans that I ordered (in a previous post) less that two weeks ago, have arrived and really are too big. I can actually take them off and on without undoing them. Unfortunately my only belt isn't quite long enough to go round me yet either so for the moment I am hitching up my jeans all the time. I bought some size 16's too, but the zip pops on those when I bend down so I need a little longer to feel comfortable wearing them.

Anyway, that's 4kg in 10 days. It is a lot isn't it! I have heard all those stories about how you shouldn't lose weight too fast, and the general response I am getting from people hints at that too (especially if they are trying to lose weight themselves!). I suppose there is a small concern there from me, but my overriding feeling is one of being thrilled with the results. Dr Mansfield says in his book that it would only be a worry if I were on a calorie restriction diet, but that in this case it is a result of removing foods that I am sensitive too so that my body is able to normalise it's weight.

I certainly haven't been doing any calorie restriction. In fact in that sense, it is the easiest diet I have ever done as I am eating as much as I like and so never have to feel hungry, or faff about weighing or measuring, or even planning my meals - I just eat what I fancy (from the list of course) whenever I like. The only rule on this diet is that you eat from the list specified foods, there is no set limit on quantity. I have been eating a lot of nuts, and can tell from how much the bottle has gone down that I have also used about 300ml of olive oil, so there are plenty of fats being consumed too.

I do think I am eating less though, but that is because I am feeling less hungry. Since I had BB I have noticed that sometimes eating just makes me hungry. I haven't had this feeling since I have been on the diet. I often get that when I eat pasta, so it could be wheat or tomatoes that does it. I'll see what happens when I reintroduce those.

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