Post Christmas Diet Post

So, I took the day off yesterday. I didn't drink any wine, or eat any Christmas pudding or brandy cream, or anything else with grapes in, but I did indulge more than I planned. I guess that was inevitable really - it happens every Christmas in almost every home in country I would say.

Anyway, as a result I am almost 1 kg heavier today than I was yesterday.

am weight (kg)
pm weight (kg)




instant coffee



specific cause unknown - xmas

specific cause unknown - xmas

Things that I ate that are not (yet) on my safe foods list are:

brussel sprouts
cheese (just a little, in the cheese sauce with the cauliflower)
stuffing (the packet kind I think - so who knows what I ate there)

When you have a reaction to a food, Dr Mansfield recommends taking a concoction made from sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate and water. The theory is that this helps speed up your recovery time by helping your body to pass the offending substance and to neutralise the body (reactions to food apparently usually include reactionary acidosis). So I have taken this this morning in the hope that it works. I think it may as for the first food I reacted to (grapes) I did not do this as I the potassium bicarb had not arrived, however I did use it with instant coffee which I reacted to a couple of days ago and the recovery time was shorter.

I haven't mentioned it before, but I was actually pleased to find that I reacted to instant coffee. I hate it, to me it doesn't taste like coffee at all, just chemicals. There is always that awkward moment when you visit a friend and they offer you a coffee and you have to ask what sort of coffee they mean. Now I can say that I am unable to drink instant coffee, rather than just looking like a coffee snob!

Anyway, I am hoping that my recovery from my Christmas blowout is complete by tomorrow morning and I can continue the process with the reintroduction of mushrooms for breakfast.

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  1. fascinating! good for you for not beating yourself up for christmas! i think that's the fastest way to get back on the horse, so to speak. struggling with that myself, though, so it's not easy.

    i'm really loving following your journey, and definitely want to try this myself when the book gets published! so please keep updating us!