Still recovering?

So I am starting to wonder if I am still recovering, or if my extra weight is actually due to the fact that today is CD28. I do usually weight a little heavier around this time as I retain a little fluid.  I have looked up pre menstrual fluid retention and found advice that this can be minimised by avoiding sodium - if that is the case then perhaps I shouldn't have taken the sodium/potassium bicarb concoction! I guess there is no way of knowing what the cause is really.

Here are my weights for the last few days:

24th Dec


25th Dec
christmas day
christmas day
26th Dec
no food tested
no food tested
27th Dec
no food tested
no food tested

I am thinking though that by tomorrow I really should have recovered from any reaction to food, especially as I did take the concoction which is supposed to halve reaction time. Therefore, unless my weight is ridiculously high tomorrow I will assume that it is just PMS and continue with the reintroduction process.

I am quite excited about it being CD28. This means it will soon be time to TTC again. I have been doing some cross-referencing between the fertility diet and this elimination diet and it's looking good so far. Instinctively, it feels like this diet is boosting my fertility and there were physical signs this cycle that is the case too. Also, losing 5% of your body weight is widely reported to increase your fertility, and I have achieved that already, so I am feeling very hopeful. I would like to complete this diet before TTCing though I am sure the diet will do me or an unborn baby no harm as it is healthy enough (healthier than my normal diet!) so I could continue, but I would not use the bicarb drink if I was pregnant or even possibly pregnant. Although I won't be quite so rigid, once I have reintroduced all the foods that the book requires, I do also plan to continue to observe what happens as other foods are reintroduced to my diet.

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