Special Delivery

As DD is off to Paris to spend Christmas with his partner and family we put in a very special request with Santa to see if he could come early and make a special delivery here on Saturday night. He was only too pleased to oblige, he said it would be great to have one less thing to do on Christmas eve!

Although he knew nothing about what was to happen, BB gave us an insight as to what Christmas eve might be like in a couple of years time. He didn't sleep! Well, he did from 7-11 and then was awake until 4. He has never done this before, I assume it's due to his emerging molars.

He did eventually go to sleep, and gave us a little sleep in until 7.30 which was must appreciated. We then headed downstairs to see what was there. After checking out my water bottle which I had left in the lounge he spotted the gifts under the tree. He then went and and picked up each one and gave it to either DD or myself.

Look , I found a big water bottle

Oooh, there's pressies too - look Dad!

Then he was hungry! So we paused for breakfast.

After breakfast and BB was more interested in Mummy's camera

Particularly in pictures of him!
Finally, after DD and I had opened our presents and with a little bit more encouragement from us, he began to slowly open his. It took all day, with the last one being opened just before he went to bed. It was lovely that this whole process took him all day, and that each gift amused him for so long before he needed the next. And each one made him smile. I will cherish all of this.

We also had a lovely little skype session with his Aussie Grandparents mid morning, so they got to see him sitting amidst his pile of pressies and discarded wrapping paper too!

Finally he got into the swing of things!

For the record he got a little wooden saucepan set, a mini dustpan and brush set, an animal puzzle where each animal is three pieces that join together with a magnet (you can also mix and match and make crazy animals), a little train set, a novelty sponge for the bath, in the shape of a butterfly, a gro clock that tells him when it's ok to wake up (ok so this was really mummy's present, be he doesn't know that!), and some vests and tracky pants. So far he has spent most time playing with the saucepans, closely followed by the dustpan and brush and the train set, which has been added to the little starter set he got for his birthday from DD.

Tomorrow he will have another little Christmas as when we wake as he has a couple of presents to open that my friends have sent for him - I will put them under the tree tonight. Then we will be off to Grandma and Gramps' house for the day. Great Grandma and both of BB's Aunties will be there too. He will no doubt get even more pressies...

I am looking forward to sharing BB with all the family tomorrow. I am really looking forward to him giving presents to people, especially my Nan, who has been asking for a little photo of him for ages. I have had a big one from his nursery photos made and she is going to love it!

Merry Christmas everyone.

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  1. Merry Christmas! I too love how the gift opening takes all day!

  2. I used to love it when they took all day to open their presents. Sadly, none of mine still do that, and the eldest (aged nearly 11) seems to barely look at one present before she's hunting under the tree for another.

  3. Merry Christmas. So sweet how he shared with you and DD first.