Inconclusive Evidence

So I thought I'd give you a little update.

As I mentioned I have been feeling a little nauseous. I have been unable to decide if this was due to something I was eating, or coffee, or the bug that BB had. Well (apologies if this is TMI) yesterday I visited the bathroom rather frequently in the morning (this started before I took the Vital Greens). I did have a bowl of rice and veggies for breakfast but other than that I didn't eat until about 8pm when I pretty much forced myself to try potatoes. I felt very nauseous. I hadn't had coffee, but I did have two cups of tea when a friend popped round late morning.

I would definitely say that between my am and pm weigh-ins, net volume out was greater than net volume in, so I was expecting to be lower. I weighed in at 80.7kg though. This makes it look as if the Vital Greens were OK. Perhaps indeed they are. I didn't eat much during the day but I did take in a lot of fluids. I also felt nauseous for a couple of days before, so I can't blame the nausea on them either. I did worry though, that there are a lot of ingredients in them. This is why Dr Mansfield said to leave it as it can make it hard to tell what's going on with other foods. So, I am going to avoid them for at least another 5 days (the time you need to avoid something for an reaction to it show up when you eat it again), just to be sure there is nothing there that will cause me problems.

My weight this morning is as I would expect having eaten little yesterday. I was 79.9. That is very exciting to see as it is the first time I have seen a weight less 80 since my pregnancy with BB. I do suspect it will go up as soon as I eat though so I may allow for 200 or so extra grams on my weight this pm.

I am feeling better today, though I do have a sore throat (again evidence that I have a mild form of BB's bug). I have just eaten a mashed banana with two teaspoons of bakers yeast mixed in. It was rather unpleasant. Now we just have to wait and see what happens.

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