Nearing the end of Stage 2 of the Elimination Diet

I am approaching the end of stage 2 so I thought it time to give you a little update. When you look at the chart as it continues past the grape incident I think it is fairly conclusive that grapes are an issue for me. I have decided not to bother retesting for now, I would rather get on and include more foods in my diet. Several people have expressed concern that this means I wont be able to drink wine at Christmas, but I if I am sensitive to grapes that's not going to change and I am driving on Christmas day anyway, so really it makes little difference to me. My main concern at the moment is to include as many foods as possible and work through the program so that I am ready to TTC in January.

am weight (kg)
pm weight (kg)










Although as you can see from the weights above I haven't yet found any more foods that I am sensitive too, I have made some further discoveries. It would seem that onions are the food that actually make me feel hungry after eating. They didn't cause a weight gain though. Also coffee, which I was so looking forward to, would seem to make me feel dizzy and nauseous. It is a bit hard to tell on this as I wonder if I may have a mild case of the bug BB just had, but to test it out for sure I am cutting out the coffee again for at least 5 days and then I will try it again and see what happens. Black tea makes me nauseous too, but I have known that for a while, especially if I drink it on an empty stomach. I always thought it was the tannins, but it might be caffeine... I guess I could try decaf and see if that has any effect, but not right now.

image of a chicken's head and an egg

I was very pleased to find that eggs are ok for me - I am sure the chooks are pleased about that too! 

I have made some minor changes to the list of foods I am introducing. For example I should have introduced pork and beef but I don't actually eat either of them. Pork I considered as I can tolerate it and I do eat bacon and sausages and sometimes ham. However, getting hold of a slice of unadulterated pork seemed impossible and I couldn't test with bacon sausages or ham as they have other ingredients which could mess with the results. Beef I just really can't stand, even when things are cooked using beef dripping I can taste it and don't eat them, so this will never be an issue for me. As I am not going to test wine either I am a little bit ahead, but then I did lose a day with the grapes.

I have also added something, which is my Vital Greens supplement that I totally swear by. I am keen to get this back into my diet so that I am sure my body is well nourished and ready to grow a baby. Dr Mansfield asked me to leave it to the end of stage 2, which is tomorrow, but I did actually introduce it this morning instead. This is because yeast should be introduced now and I have a feeling that it is going to cause me an issue. As I mentioned before I have found that if i have toast for breakfast I don't lose weight, but if I have cereal I do. As most cereals contain wheat I am guessing it is more likely to be yeast that I will react to. Yeast of also grows quite naturally on grapes too, which could explain the grape problem. Therefore I wanted to get the Vital Greens in now, just in case I react to yeast and have to pause the process and not introduce anything new while I recover.

I am a bit nervous about the Vital Greens too. Although they are organic and vegan and free from gluten, egg, yeast, dairy, corn, wheat, lactose, artificial colours and artificial sweeteners, they do contain many different natural ingredients, including grape seed extract! So fingers crossed for a good weight this afternoon. 

For those concerned, I have been making sure I eat plenty of high folate foods by the way, and there are lots on my allowed list - I will write a post on high folate foods soon.

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