I Survived Day One!

The day began rather earlier that I would have hoped for, as BB, who was off his food yesterday, apparently had his appetite return at 5 am. So up we bounded shortly after 5 am and began our day.

The first thing I had to do was take epsom salts, which is never a pleasant thing, but I have done it before and and I always feel better after. So I did this when we first got up and stayed away from food completely until around 10am, when BB and I both enjoyed a lovely snack of fresh peaches.

For lunch we both had fish and peas, but he got potatoes whereas I did not. I cooked myself an extra piece of fish to compensate. My fish had to be just fish and I steamed it. I haven't eaten fish like this for ages, I usually add a sauce of some description or eat it crumbed or battered when out. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it just on it's own. I finished lunch feeling all positive and like this would be a breeze!

Mid afternoon I was hungry, and so was BB, so we snacked on fresh pineapple and I also sneaked in a few nuts when he wasn't looking! Then I made him his tea which included a piece of lovely buttered oatmeal toast. It smelled so good. At this point I was thinking "what have I done?"- it will be so long before I can enjoy toast and butter!

So I ate more nuts!

After BB was in bed I made myself a big bowl of salad for tea, which included avocado and olives and a few more nuts. I actually feel full which is great.

I have to say I am surprised by how many things I can eat. It is proper food, you can make meals - though I may be a bit bored of them after a week. I have never followed an elimination diet before, but my perception of them was that you just had to eat lettuce leaves for weeks. There are lettuce leaves - but there are lots of other things too.

As for how am feeling, actually not bad at all. Certainly no worse than yesterday, a slight headache, but I had that yesterday too and it could be caffeine withdrawal. I drink coffee every day, although only a half strength blend and a maximum of 2 cups, so I am hoping that the withdrawal symptoms wont last too long.

So, so far so good! We'll see what happens tomorrow.  I am not looking forward to breakfast. I think that is going to be the hardest meal of the day as everything you have for breakfast is on the banned list! The foods that most commonly cause problems are milk, bread, wheat, corn and eggs - so that rules out pretty much everything I usually eat. Hopefully I can manage to fill up on other things and feel satisfied. I am so grateful for the nuts - I think they will be my saviour!

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