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My notes from the session with Matt Bennet at Mumsnet Blogfest on Search Engine Optimisation are most definitely incomplete, but there are perhaps a few gems in here. Matt did promise he'd post the full presentation (as he only got through 1/3 of it due to all the questions), so if that happens I will add a link.

It happened - Cheers Matt - here is the link to Matt's Presentation

General tips

  • focus on building a brand
  • produce good reliable content
  • get your own domain
  • 85% of people use google - target their needs
  • social media now gives google insights - get on google+
  • goal is to be in top 3 on a google search - absolutely need to be on the first page
How to do this

Links - the more links into and out of your website the better. Build links to pages both internally and externally

Google searches text for text (doesn't know meaning). Use the Google Keyword Tool

Must have Google+

Images must always have alt tags and descriptive file names

Google searches take into account keywords, location, previous searches, and recommended content from friends. It crawls the entire web,via cross domain links. There are over 200 factors by which google rank content, but its not known how they interact. Video (hosted on YouTube and embedded) is good - make sure you use tags.

Matt's top 3 tips

1. Get own domain
2. Create quality content
3. Build your 'brand' with profile pages - esp Google+ 

My thoughts

I still have lots to learn here. I am on Google+ but I don't really use it - I post to it. Britmums has a Google+ Master Class, I really should get around to it!

I do have profiles on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook , but maybe they need to be more consistent if I am building a brand!

Blissful Mama and Blissful Boy
I think perhaps this is my current brand image! Thoughts?

Its good to know that links are still important. This is how it was years ago when I did this sort of stuff for a living. Back then a trick we had was to put words that you knew people would be searching for in white text on a white background (e.g. people searched for lesson plans, but it was against 'policy' for me to use that term, so it's there in white text on a white background on every page, but only the search engine sees it - I wonder if that still works!)

My Final Thoughts

Thanks Matt  for sharing your presentation online!

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  2. Hi there! I've posted the full presentation here:


    1. Thanks heaps for this Matt! I will add the link to the post above too.