Photography for Bloggers

My notes from the session with Carrie and Darren of Digital Bungalow at Mumsnet Blogfest 2012

I really enjoyed the photography session. I didn't learn much about general photography that I didn't already know, but it was good to be reminded of it. Often, the photos on my blog are just quick snaps. They could be massively improved if I did follow the rules and try to make each photo a good one instead of a quick one... I guess (shamefully) I thought it wasn't that important.

I will try harder!!!

I did learn lots about new apps, making your blog look more professional and tagging photos properly, so my notes in that section are a little more comprehensive

The general rules of photography
1. The rule of thirds (you can turn on the grid on many cameras, including iPhone)
2. Change your perspective
3. Add character to your shots

Stability - photographers tuck their elbows into their sides to improve this

Instagram - is not for bloggers

Good Apps
  • ProCamera gives iPhone a focus point and light setting
  • Snapseed is an editing app
  • Touch Retouch allows you to remove objects like telephone wires from your shot
Can be used if your are precious about your photos, but do in a way that does not ruin your picture. Photoscape can be downloaded for free and will do this for you.  Carrie and Darren actually recommend against using watermarks. If you want to see if your photo is being used elsewhere you can use Google Reverse Image Search. If you are really concerned about your photos being used by others, don't put them on the internet!

Blogs look better when all pics are the same size.

Tagging Images
Make sure you tag all your images with something that means something. In blogger you do this in the Image Properties

Image showing how to add a title and alt text to your image in blogger

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