Social Media with Paul Armstrong

My notes from the session on Social Media with Paul Armstrong at Mumsnet Blogfest 2012

This session with Paul was a bit like being on a high speed train. Paul took us on a super quick journey across the continents, past a few things that were familiar, and many that we had never seen before. Thankfully Paul shared his presentation online, so that we didn't need to remember it all.

Here are my notes anyway, they are dot points really - quick flashes of what I saw from my 'window'

  • There is more and more stuff out there. You can always do more, the trick is to know what tools to use, when and how, and to match that with the time you have.
  • Get your Bio set up on all the profiles you use
  • Think SEO
  • Use google adwords to find tags and key words and for help with bio
  • Think about these q's
    • what makes me unique
    • what value am I adding
    • what is my tone of voice
    • how am i perceived by others
    • who am i talking to
  • Logo/face/brand should be consistent
  • Check out phoster and animoto

What should I be on?

Advs: 32 million users in UK (955m WW), higher organic rate in news feed for small orgs, 
Disavds: Huge time suck, increasingly compromised by the need to make money, getting less for your money

Advs: 10 million users in UK (500m WW), tweets, RT's etc = growth, good for mobile usage
Disadvs: Bitchy, lots to plough through

Advs: 26 million users in UK (713m WW) Growing exponentially, excellent google integration
Disadvs: Time?

Google +
Advs: 5 million users in UK (250m WW) SEO, SEO, SEO, directly connects to google, growing exponentially, rich, get +1's
Disadvs: new (but growing fast)

Making it manageable

Social Bro and Buffer manage your tweets, apparently better than Hootsuite and Tweetdeck as they will schedule for when the right users are online (somehow!)

Google Alerts monitors the web for new content based on your keywords and alerts you by email

Nutshell Mail saves time money and effort by putting everything in one place

Rockmelt a browser that enables you to be logged into everything at once

Great Book

Mumsnet Blogfest 2012 artwork with the phrase Make the most of what you post

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